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The Light and the Darkness (Paperback)

The Light and the Darkness (Paperback)

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Darien and the others have returned . continuing their adventures across Gaianterra . the war-torn land filled with wonder and magic. What new perils await our characters . heroes . and villains alike? What memories of the past have been long forgotten by the people of the world? And what possible dangers could those memories of yore have upon the world of today?

The Imperial War is heating up . and forces from all sides are more active now than ever before. Who will strike next . and where will their swords clash? Can the emperor of Lumin'Valeria be stopped before he attacks and crushes the other nations of the world?

Darien and his companions are headed for the Temple Shendau . which is high up on Mount Gai Den. Once there . will they find the answers about the mysterious dark sword that Darien now carries? A powerful sword that gives the wielder magic . but at a horrible cost. They search for answers with a sense of urgency . knowing that something dangerous is behind the black sword. Yet as they search for answers . the Bladeknights . elite commandos of Lumin'Valeria . are searching for them.

Lord Dragos . the one who's seemingly pulling all the strings . is searching for something . but what and why? This superpowered warrior-mage has the might of the Empire at his beck and call-what else does such a man desire?

Sampson Rockfell is still in pursuit of traitors and villains from the Empire. Can he finally put a stop to their dark designs . and will he get revenge upon the one who betrayed his kingdom of Nepheir?

Finally . what will happen first? Will Jack Destin . the Vampire Hunter . give up his quest to find the impossible . or will he run into his worst nightmares? Could vampires possibly exist? And if so . what dangers do they present?

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