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Fairy Land Great Condition

Fairy Land Great Condition

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The forest is full of activity. The King of the Fairies will soon return from a long journey . and everyone wants to receive him properly!

As the leader of one of the noble families of Fairykind . you compete with the others to impress the King with a splendid reception: Collect gorgeous and fragrant flowers and gather loyal animal friends while avoiding the tricky goblins and clumsy ogres! You will have to use the Fairies of your family to explore the forest and collect the most splendid ingredients for the perfect reception and gain the aid of the wise Druids and the Fairy Queen herself!

Fairy Land is a game that combines auctions . set collecting. and the timely use of "magical item" cards. At every player's turn . the woods will be filled by new animals . flowers or goblins/ogres this will require some difficult decisions with players deciding which items go in which lots then the player must use his single action to either start a bid on one of the woods (card groups) . get one card from the druids . pay for a special item . or use one of the special item cards he owns. At the end of the game . sets of animals and flowers will be compared to score points . but players may also lose points for having too many goblins in their playing area.

Who can impress the King the most? Will it be you?
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