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Afro Unicorn Plush Animal and Coordinating Light Up Bow Set

Afro Unicorn Plush Animal and Coordinating Light Up Bow Set

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The Afro Unicorn Light-Up Bow is one magical hair accessory! This bow's rainbow fabric is covered with all three shades of unicorns. In the center of the stylish bow is a unicorn horn with a crown. The horn and the crown match the unicorns in the fabric! The Afro Unicorn Plush is the perfect magical and soft best friend! This unicorn has soft brown faux fur and a fluffy brown mane. The unicorn sits up on its own! The unicorn has golden hooves with blue trim. On top of the unicorn's head is a magical . blue horn and a shimmering . gold crown.

Afro Unicorn was created to give representation where none existed before. Our inclusive unicorns give girls of color all over the world a unicorn that they identify with and love. Created by a Black woman in Los Angeles . CA . Afro Unicorn allows every girl to feel unique . divine . and magical. All products were developed to make every girl that wears or plays with them feel beautiful and empowered to love the skin they are in and to embrace their natural hair. Afro Unicorn's social media platform highlights all our dedicated Afro Unicorn followers and celebrities alike. Afro Unicorn is a movement that not only empowers but motivates all to go after their dreams. Now your young can have their perfect holiday that's affordable and most importantly . that represents them! Shop the entire line of the Afro Unicorn collection today and make sure you share it with friends. Afro Unicorn. Because Representation Matters.

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