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101 Craft and World Whiskies to Try Before You Die (Hardcover)

101 Craft and World Whiskies to Try Before You Die (Hardcover)

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Discover the exciting new world of craft distillers and whiskies from aroundthe world in Ian Buxton's brilliant new addition to his 101 Whiskies series.

From Austria to Argentina and Norway to New Zealand . the world of whisky is expanding as we have never seen before. Distilleries as far away as Taiwan and as close to home as England are reinventing what whisky means - and an iconoclastic generation of boutique . craft distillers are challenging previous orthodoxies and teasing drinkers with their exciting new styles and radical releases.

101 Craft & World Whiskies to Try Before You Die is an up-to-the-minute guide from bestselling whisky commentator Ian Buxton . author of the popular 101 Whiskies series . and the first independent assessment of this global drinks revolution.

Guaranteed to appeal equally to whisky aficionados and new enthusiasts in search of a trusty and well-informed guide . Ian Buxton's wonderful new handbook is delivered in his trademark irreverent and trenchant style. There's a whole world of whisky to be discovered . free of bagpipes and heather and far from leather-clad fireside armchairs . that's overturning tradition.

Taken neat or over ice . 101 Craft & World Whiskies will blow the cobwebs off your dram.
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