Who We Are

Vertiere is a collection of versatile wardrobe staples that has your back. Women have better things to do than stress about what to wear, or how to look. It’s our mission to create beautiful pieces that simplify your day to day while empowering you to feel effortlessly sexy and be fearlessly bold.

We believe in

Timeless Versatility

Simple, effortless versatility is at the core of what we do. Our collections are designed to outlast seasons and trends. Inspired by classic silhouettes and feminine figures, we create wardrobe staples with fresh, flirty sophistication. Our pieces are made to mix and match seamlessly to help you transition from day to night, or work to weekend with ease.

Accessible fashion that honors your body

From the fabric and fit to the detail and love we put into every piece, we’re dedicated to creating quality collections that flatters your frame, elevate your style, and don’t require a major investment. Affordable prices shouldn’t have to equal cheap construction - you deserve better than that. It’s our commitment to help you put your best self forward every single day.

Being fearlessly authentic

Let go of how the world thinks women “should” act, think, do and look. Make the choice to take risks, embrace change, be bold, have fun, so that you can live this one life you’ve been given fully and fervently. Be fearlessly authentic to the woman you are and the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

Our Story

Our Story

Vertiere was founded by best friends Diana and Tiffany with a vision of creating a versatile wardrobe for creative, fearless women. After turning thirty, they both realized they had a difficult time finding clothes that spoke to this new chapter of their lives. Everything on the market felt either too young or matronly, too low quality or expensive, too trendy or not stylish at all. After a decade of working in fashion, they decided to take the leap and create the brand of their dreams: quality, accessible clothing that didn’t follow the status quo based on age or how one “should” look. Inspired by women who embrace who they are, their bodies, their feminine strength, and their individual sense of style, Vertiere was born. Through thoughtful designs, we aim to empower all women to make moves with ease, creativity, and confidence. Together, we are striving for fearlessness in a world that is full of unique, powerful women.